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How New Work works

New Work is much more than "sprints", a box of colorful building blocks and nice workshops in multi-colored meeting rooms. New Work is rather a process that enables companies and their employees to achieve real transformation and real change management - if they use it wisely and make meaningful use of its many tools. After all, change can only succeed if they take this path with the right objectives from the very beginning and use all available resources in such a way that they derive the greatest benefit for themselves. This requires a flexible, individually tailored concept, as Seminaris Hotels can make it possible: As experienced organisers of meetings and congresses, the eight hotels throughout Germany have specialised in new work and are able to advise and accompany you from the initial idea or question to the target and provide all the rooms, materials and experts that make new work come alive.

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Agile conferences and workshops

In order to create change, the teams in companies have to rethink and refuel fresh knowledge. That goes best in a creative environment with comfortable full service offer: The Seminaris Hotels are specialised in future-shaping conferences and Workshops.

New Work - the future of work

If you want to use new work methods and formats correctly, you need an individual concept. With its experience, equipment and an extensive trainer network, Seminaris offers you unique framework conditions to efficiently fill this process with life.